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WAVE Blue's Testimonials

Helping Veterans  and their families in need, Worldwide.



               Keith Brinson


Air Force Veteran/BBQ Sauce Entreprenuer


I believe God gives us our talents and our gifts. With those, He presents us opportunities to use them. Some people do and some don't. I have seen first hand that Veronica is a definite doer who doesn't back down from what has been placed on her to do to help others. Nothing she accomplishes in helping other veterans is a surprise, nor is her heartfelt pain when one of her veterans is wronged or her big ole smile and hearty laugh when one of her veterans is blest by her relentless efforts.
I am proud and I am blest to be among those whom she has lifted up, cried over and laughed with!


James Festini

James Festini
Realtor in SoCal, Content Creator on Earth

Veronica is one of those individuals that when the transaction closed you still wanted communication.

There is originality in her and a level of honesty and sincerity that is rare in this world.

from Linkedin recommendation @


"If anyone can pull a rabbit out of hat, it's Veronica."  

Andrew F.,  Marine Veteran/Advocate

"Veronica's serious about helping people, especially Veterans."

Ronald J. Conti, Contractor

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