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WAVE Blue's Mission

We Are the Veteran's Entrepreneurs TM


To sum up our mission here on W.A.V.E.

It is the one and only (W.A.V.E. Blue) cyber -Directory for Soldiers/Veterans and their families. TM

Good communications are the key for survival.

We may choose to embrace change(s),

or we may challenge them.

We at W.A.V.E., choose to make use of change(s), for the greater good.

As the founder of W.A.V.E. Blue I am,

" old school", I had to teach myself Social Media, etc...

For my causes, one is to end Veteran homelessness and the other is to prevent the staggering growth of soldier suicides.

I have noticed in my 20 plus years in helping other soldiers.

There was one major setback/roadblock.

It was the dying art of ," good," communications.

I saw that there was a great need to create a new way of communications.

For one soldier to all soldiers’ lives depend upon it.

I am a USAF Veteran in case you are wondering.Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks; is completely missing the meaning of life.

To serve

others is the greatest life you will ever obtain, Amen!

Loyalty is still something I cherish, and honor is not for sale.

We at W.A.V.E. consider it an honor to serve others, that serve and have served others.

This site and all W.A.V.E.Blue Communications of the future/Photos content(s), and W.A.V.E. Blue Communications

and it's Parent Company (If men would think outside their pants Company),subsidiaries are copyrighted,  and trademark pending.



With great respect to all of Us who served, and their families support.


Most Gratefully Yours,

VCEldredge President of

W.A.V.E. Blue Communications

a subsidiary of

 “If men would think outside their pants Company.”


      *Searching for Event Planner to raise capital for

           housing , and communication projects of the future.


   We solely rely on eachother,

NOT the government.








WAVE Blue Mission

WAVE Blue Mission

WAVE Blue Communications Photo

 " Soldiers and civilians, share your talents...

let's rebuild American  Pride together" VCEldredge

<3 to ya, my brotha...

Toots Sweet wrote this for his Dad.

And is awesome enough to share this with us Veterans.

God Bless you !







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