WAVE Blue VCEldredge



We have several plans for the entire Nation, with ONE VISION...

To provide the most accomodating and loving environment  to all Veterans that served.

To be there when they need us most.


The strategy is to have 24 hour, 365 days of service(s) for veterans and their advocates.

Meaning that this site and all of it's affiliates, volunteers, and the other Companies contributing their services etc..

We shall provide services as soon as possible, with the least amount of redtape plausible.








Each Company that participates will explain their own accomplishments.

And they (ALONE) are liable for their information, policies, behavior and their services provided.

Do your research.

My company addresses all Veteran issues nationwide.

We at W.A.V.E. Blue Communications via "Veronica's Vets," have a network on linkedin of over 12,319,814+ .

As of July 15, 2014 and counting.

Visit" Veronica's Vets." or the aforementioned's Parent website below.


rebuilding the American dream of home ownership and beyond."




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