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WAVE Blue's appointment setting


To schedule appointment click on

one of the social media icons above and leave message.

Also leave a time frame & time zone.

Thank You.

A picture of your loved one. A brief description of them and contact information will be posted for ,"Free."

For ALL US ARMED FORCES and Veterans.

Just notify

We will post A.S.A.P.

Our reach is well over 30 million between all our websites,blogs and Social media combinations.


Most Sincerely,

VCEldredge President of WAVE Blue Communications

Searching for:

Example: Sgt. Jane/ name of person

Location  person(s)last seen:___________________________

Brief description:_____________________

Point of Contact: _____________________

Urgent, Missing or Both 

Send e-mail  like above paragraph filled out.

Please be brief. We will post for as long as possible. This will currently be; at no cost to you.

However we would appreciate gifts of

volunteering or money(ies).

It costs time and money to end Veteran homelessness and prevent Veteran suicides.


WAVE Blue Communications where

"Blue stands for loyalty."

VCEldredge of W.A.V.E. an affiliate of

 If men would think outside their pants Company

"Vision," of WAVE Blue for our veterans.







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